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Well, this course was much different than I expected. I had kinda figured on the readings and quizzes but the blogging was very new to me and unexpected. I figured there would just be some discussion board in D2L. I don’t see its potential though, I wasn’t really a fan of it.  It didn’t seem to engage students at all. It also made it difficult using multiple sites. I never knew where to look for things- D2L or the blog. If it was one site it would have been much better, but 2 made things difficult. Getting in contact with the professor proved challenging as well. It seemed like the requirements for the course changed way too much, so I found it difficult to know what was expected of me. Overall- Jim had a lot of good information to share with us through the semester, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the class style.

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I'm Tiffany. I'm actually only a guest student at LCC. I am a senior Business Management major with a minor in Economics at Saginaw Valley State University (Go Cards!). I also am an Administrative Co-op at Nexteer Automotive in Saginaw, MI. At SVSU, I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. I also have been in the SVSU Color guard for four years, the last two of those years as team captain. In addition to that, I am a member of Music n' Motion, a student organization for West Coast Swing dance. I have a strong passion for color guard and dance, it's so much fun!

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