What I’ve Learned

Mostly, I think I’ve just learned a new way of thinking. For example, referring to third world countries as undeveloped instead of third world. I also learned there are many other sides to stories other than just what we see in the news and that it is best to look into the facts further to make informed decision about where you stand on touchy economic subjects. I learned so many new perspectives and new ways of looking at things this semester!

Course Review

Well, this course was much different than I expected. I had kinda figured on the readings and quizzes but the blogging was very new to me and unexpected. I figured there would just be some discussion board in D2L. I don’t see its potential though, I wasn’t really a fan of it. ┬áIt didn’t seem to engage students at all. It also made it difficult using multiple sites. I never knew where to look for things- D2L or the blog. If it was one site it would have been much better, but 2 made things difficult. Getting in contact with the professor proved challenging as well. It seemed like the requirements for the course changed way too much, so I found it difficult to know what was expected of me. Overall- Jim had a lot of good information to share with us through the semester, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the class style.